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Your resume is the first thing employers see and successfully branding yourself through your resume is one effective way of getting an interview and landing your next job opportunity.  There is not one way of doing a resume. You can pick a template that is simple and portrays the purpose of stating your qualification, skills, experience, education and achievements. But most importantly, make it relevant to your potential employers by writing a well-crafted resume/CV that helps you stand out from other applicants, shows that you are serious and have the necessary skills. Before applying and sending your application, answer the following questions about your resume/CV.  

  1. Did you take time to build and write your resume/CV yourself?
  2. Did you carefully review the job description of the job you are applying for?
  3. Did you identify the key requirement of the position?
  4. Have you researched your target or potential employer?
  5. Have you identified what the employer needs are?
  6. Did you customize or tailor your CV/Resume and make it relevant to the position?
  7. Are the key requirements of the job  highlighted on your resume/CV?
  8. Have you developed or written your brand positioning statement or your unique value proposition in your profile summary?  
  9. Do you have your contact information correctly written? 
  10. Is your email professional?
  11. Do you have a consistent formatting?
  12. Did you check and double check the grammar and spelling?
  13. Is your resume/CV focused more on your professional and career story (Not focused on personal info)?
  14. Lastly, would you pick your own resume if you were the hiring manager?

If your answer to ALL of the above questions YES, you are among the few job seekers who employers are looking to interview.

Share with us, what great tips do you have for a job seekers regarding resume/CV? What have you done that actually helped you get a job interview and then your dream job? Please share your thoughts and join our telegram channel to access more career advisory and job information