Recent Graduate Resume/CV Template


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In your job searching journey, it is important to understand the purpose of this important document, your CV/Resume, when you are writing it. Its purpose is to introduce, market, and get you the opportunity to interview with an employer. Carefully review this template and you will definitely get better results with your applications



Telephone Number

Professional Email Address


This is a persuasive pitch that introduces you to employers and allows them to quickly understand who you are and what you seek. Compose two to four sentences touting your key capabilities and unique experience, with an emphasis on results. Tie your qualifications to the position you are seeking, which is especially relevant for fresh graduates.

Enhance your summary and experience while highlighting specific qualifications that are either required for a particular job or are unique about you. Expand this section to increase the keywords related to your field.


Most recent Internship/ Volunteer/ Temp Work-Job Title, Organization, City (Month/Year to Month/Year)

  • Provide a brief overview of your successes relating to the work you did and main responsibilities, including an explanation of the organization if it’s not well known.
  • Demonstrate/outline your most impressive accomplishments using bullet points. Focus on the results of your actions, not just your responsibilities. Showcase not only what you did, but how well you did it.
  • Start every bullet with a relevant action word and vary the language throughout your resume. Avoid fancy fonts, clumsy layouts, and jargon.

EDUCATION (Most recent degree goes first)
BA, University, Year of graduation (Include GPA if it above 3.4 and also list relevant leadership roles and any impressive recognition received in school)

Memberships and volunteer work show a commitment to your industry and community, especially if relevant and sustained.  Nobody cares if you did a day at a recycling center, but an ongoing commitment to the environment will stand out.  Mention leadership roles and relevant achievements, even if you weren’t paid.