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Enterprise Partners (EP) is a 7-year (2013-2020) wealth creation programme, which aims to support the private
sector and Ethiopia’s economic growth, inclusive of women and the environment. By applying the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach for sustainable results, it aims to facilitate market development in order to spur innovation and investment, creating jobs and increasing incomes for the poor. It does so with a combination of technical assistance and market facilitation in resolving market failures. EP is being implemented by a consortium led by DAI Europe, and includes First Consult, Enclude, ITAD and BCaD.
The EP pillars are:
· The Finance Pillar The Finance Pillar The Finance Pillar is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing investment levels in the Ethiopian
economy, particularly for growth-oriented Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This will include funding of
green technologies where appropriate and develop funding for green growth investments.
In addition, the finance team also focus on the base of the pyramid, where market failures are being addressed
to increase the usage of semi-formal and formal financial services by the poor.
· The Agro The Agro The Agro-Industrial Pillar Industrial Pillar Industrial Pillar is expected to achieve the outcome of increasing returns on investment
(productivity) and investment levels in the priority sectors of cotton/textiles/apparel, livestock/leather and
fruits/vegetables, in order to achieve the impact of creating jobs and raising household incomes. Additionally,
this pillar will incorporate the promotion of climate change awareness and addressing women’s economic
Enterprise Partners (“EP”) is looking for a multiple of Interns to work under its different sectors.

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