Opportunity for Recent Graduates
Addis Ababa

Role Overview

The Second Kebet Eske Ketema's Job Opportunity Gifts. In celebration of its 12 year anniversary and the official opening of The Urban Center, Kebet Eske Ketema is launching the second Job opportunities gifts to graduates of the following fields of studies

  • City/Urban/Regional planning
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Sanitary, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial and Geomatics)
  • Heritage Management
  • Surveying Architecture

In support of this initiative, partnering companies will give job opportunities to graduates (each company taking one successful contestant) following a thorough recruitment process.
Learning from the first  Job Opportunity process, an idea incubation option is included in the program

Key Requirements

These opportunities are open ONLY to graduates (first degree Program):
Educated and certified in Ethiopia
Received their BSc in the years 2010 and 2011 Ethiopian Calendar NOT able to secure employment in their respective fields of study since graduation.

Successful contestants will be offered an initial 3 months internship, at one of the partnering companies, with nominal remuneration offered as per each company's pay scale.
Permanent employment will depend on each candidate's successful performance during the 3 months internship period and will be subject to the employer's pay scale and other requirements.
Graduates who wish to present their business idea for a seed fund/collaboration will be given a platform to pitch their ideas to interested collaborators.

How To Apply

Terms and Conditions: All participants are advised to read them thoroughly and adhere to the set rules.

  1. Participation in this contest is voluntary and based entirely on the participants consent.
  2. Participants are expected to engage in the contest directly and through NO form of representation
  3. The selection process will follow all professional and ethical standards and will be managed by KEK. Given the likely number of applicants and the limited opportunities, KEK will employ a cropping method to reduce the number of contestants to a manageable size. Therefore, participants should be aware that registration does not guarantee interview, internship, employment or seed fund.
  4. As this initiative is born out of KEK's social responsibility agenda, KEK will cover all costs associated with the selection process and would not seek or make any payment is registration and selection of the process.
  5. Contestants should also note that no third party is involved in the process and should report any external offers that claim to assist contestants with completing the form, or assert influence in the analysis and the selection process.
  6. Only one application form is allowed per participant. Multiple submissions will result in immediate disqualification
  7. Each participant holds responsibility for the content filled in the provided form. Any repercussions resulting from the submission of inaccurate, untruthful, inconsistent or incomplete data will be borne by the participant.
  8. KEK holds the right to independently verify the authenticity of information and documentation provided by each contestant if deemed necessary.
  9. Collaborating companies hold the right to change the terms of their engagement or withdraw from this initiative all together at any stage of the process without any liability or prejudice. Specifically, the companies have an unconditional right to cut ties with the initiative and/or its participants during the selection process and subsequent internship period. The companies also hold the right to determine the benefits successful contestants will receive during the internship period
  10. Any post internship relationship between the companies and the interns they took in (if any) will be based on agreements signed between the parties independent of this initiative or KEK.
  11. KEK and its employees, consultants, or agents will not be held liable in any way to any losses or damages, consequential or otherwise, including but not limited to time, money, or goodwill, arising from this process.
  12. The names of selected graduates for interview will be publicly announced on KEK Facebook page, radio and any other preferred media to be selected by KEK.
  13. KEK holds the right to keep and use the data collected for this initiative and other related reference works. KEK might publish, broadcast or share the result and related findings of the process.
  14. If successful, selectee graduates may be required to share their stories on KEK Facebook page, radio and any other preferred media of choice deemed necessary by KEK.
  15. For Graduates who wish to present their business ideas, take full responsibility of the originality and the ownership of their ideas. KEK will not take any responsibility related to any claim that may arise out of the pitch or related matters.
  16. The schedule of the program will be as per the time table to be announced by KEK.
  17. This form will stay open from 24th of December, 2019 3:00PM until the 2nd of January 2020 9:00PM for 9 days
  18. The first selection of the Graduates will be held on Saturday 4th of January 2020 afternoon from 3:00 PM till 5:00PM at the URBAN CENTER.

Essential soft skills training will be given as per the schedule to be announced on the selection day.



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Employement Type Internship
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Posted On Dec. 30, 2019
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